Super view from”Nebukawa Station” of JR Tokaido Line! The station with a view of the sea without the first line is superb!

Do you know a station where you can go from Tokyo in one train and see a spectacular view?

Nebukawa Station’s a station where you can look out over a vast expanse of ocean!

The station has two tracks with three platforms.

Due to the large difference in elevation (the platform is 45 meters above sea level), the platform is under a ledge and the station building is on the ledge. The wooden-tiled station building is at the same level as the bridge that goes up from the platform. There are no escalators or elevators. Inside the station building, there is a boarding station certificate issuing machine, a simple Suica ticket gate, an automatic ticket vending machine (not in operation early in the morning or late at night), and a monitor that provides operation information.

It is the only unmanned station on the Tokaido Main Line in the JR East service area . Note that there are no unmanned stations on the Tokaido Main Line west of this station for more than 200 km until Nishi-Kosakai Station.

As a comedian who loves sea stations, I went there a while ago!

Arrive at Nebukawa Station

About 80 minutes from Tokyo, we arrived at Nebukawa Station, two stops ahead of Odawara!

Once you get off the train, the ocean is right in front of you!

A good, refreshing landscape was suddenly captured lol.

The station is located on a hill overlooking Sagami Bay, so the mountains rise up opposite the sea.
It was so peaceful that the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and Yokohama just a few minutes ago seemed like a lie.

It was surprisingly quiet and there were no people on the platform…

It feels like you are in a different world.

There is only one staircase leading to the exit, but it is a long walk since the platform can hold 15 cars.

Explore Nebukawa Station

Let’s explore Nebukawa Marine Station right away!

First of all, we went out of the station to go to the main entrance.

This is an unmanned station with no station staff.

Therefore, the ticket gate is operated by either putting the ticket in the box or touching the IC card to the simple ticket gate!

By the way, if you have any trouble, press the intercom and you will be connected to the station staff at the neighboring Manazuru station.

I was really the only one at the station because I got on an up train right after this, lol.

Of course, there is no automatic ticket gate.

There is only one ticket vending machine, and the rest of the time table is posted prominently!

There are 3 to 4 trains per hour, so it is an easy station to get to and easy to get back from!

After leaving the station, I wandered around the area, but of course there was no convenience store, only a post office, a police box, and a private house.

It is a peaceful place with no people at all, but this is a station on the Tokaido Line, the main artery of Japan.

Even when regular trains are not coming, freight trains and the Odoriko-go trains heading for Izu pass by.

Mystery of Nebukawa Station “No Line 1”

One thing I noticed when I came to Nebukawa Station is that there is no track 1 at this station.

Actually, there was an accident in the Great Kanto Earthquake in the past, in which earth and sand flowed into this station and the train sank into the sea.

It was such a serious accident that some people died…

Therefore, there is no platform on the No. 1 line now, and a cenotaph is placed by the passageway to the ticket gates that runs just above the platform.

There was a good reason for the phantom No. 1 platform.

Could Nebukawa Station eventually become famous?

Shimonada Station in Shikoku has become famous and attracts many tourists, but was completely unknown until a few years ago.

I wonder if the day will come when Nebukawa Station will be even more crowded than it is now. I wanna go take pictures! I want to experience the emo atmosphere! If you want to experience an emo atmosphere, please go there!

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