Limited Express Shimakaze: A Ride on the Limited Express Shimakaze [Uji Yamada→Kintetsu Nagoya

In this issue, we bring you a report on Kintetsu’s popular express train “Shimakaze”!

We would like to introduce what kind of experiences you can have on board Shimakaze.

Take the Shimakaze train from Uji Yamada.

Shimakaze trains connect Ise-Shima with Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya, respectively, and this time we will be taking the Shimakaze to Nagoya!

We will now travel to Nagoya, a journey of about 1 hour and 20 minutes.
Let’s get going!

Ride in Observation Car 1!

All seats on Shimakaze are “premium seats”.

The seats are super comfortable!
There is a reclining button, of course, as well as electrical outlets and reading lights.
And of course, the view from the windows is just as great!

Matsusaka beef curry at Shimakaze Cafe

There is a cafe car in Car 4!
It’s open to anyone on the Shimakaze train!

When you get to the cafe, the attendant will ask you if you prefer the first floor or the second floor, so choose whichever you prefer!

I heard that the 2nd floor is more popular!

To Nagoya in competition with JR

Shimakaze does not stop at many stations, and if you leave Uji Yamada, it only stops at Ise City and Kintetsu Yokkaichi.
Once out of Yokkaichi, it is nonstop to Nagoya!

The train has arrived at its final stop, Kintetsu Nagoya Station!
The Shimakaze will be sent back to the depot.

If you are going to Ise Jingu Shrine or Shima Peninsula, please use this train!

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