Street Go Karting in Tokyo/How to buy the ticket.

What is a “Street Go Karting” that can be ridden with a regular driver’s license?

Street Go Karting” is an amusement park go-kart or racing kart converted into a vehicle that can be driven on public roads.
The small body allows for easy maneuverability, and because it is not a motorized bicycle, it does not require two-step right turns or helmets. The lack of a roof provides a good view, making it a popular activity, especially among foreign tourists.

Karts on public roads are legally classified as “microcars

A “cart on a public road” is legally defined as a “minicar.”

To drive a microcar, a regular driver’s license is required as it is treated as a motor vehicle under the Road Traffic Law for drivers. An international driver’s license must be issued for overseas tourists to drive a microcar.

How to Rent a Street Go Karting

Street Go Karting is available for rent by the hour at specialty stores. The procedure varies from store to store, but at most specialty stores the following steps can be taken to rent a cart

Make a reservation in advance by phone, email, or social networking service to check the availability of the cart.
Agree to the terms of use and confirm your driver’s license at the store.
Pay the rental fee.
Payment is made at the store.
Start using the cart.

Rental fees vary from store to store, but most companies charge an insurance fee of 1,000 yen plus a rental fee of about 2,000 yen (per hour).

Street Go Karting” rental store

If you want Street Go Karting Experience in Akihabara, the first step is to book tickets!
If you have a discount coupon online, you can make a reservation and purchase tickets here.

Buy discount tickets

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