How to get to Kinkasan Island

About Kinkasan Island

Kinghasan Island is located in the Pacific Ocean about 1 kilometer southeast of the Oshika Peninsula in eastern Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, with a 26-kilometer radius and an elevation of 445 kilometers. It is part of the Minamisanriku National Park and is one of the most famous tourist spots in Miyagi Prefecture, with wildlife including beech trees, beeches, monkeys and deer.

There is a small pyramid-shaped mountain on the north side of Kinwasan Island, which is often called the Golden Mountain because there is a golden shrine on the mountain. It is said that the shrine was built in the 8th century and has been revered since ancient times as a guardian of treasures and a god of good fortune, and that people who visit the shrine for three consecutive years to worship the god of gold luck (the god of gold and the god of production) will be able to live their entire lives without worrying about food and clothing. The shrine also serves as the starting point for a hiking trail for visitors, and the shrine staff offers various hiking options for visitors. Once at the top of the mountain, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of not only the Pacific Ocean but also the entire city of Sendai and the mountains of Kurikoma-renbei in northern Miyagi Prefecture.

How to get there

30 minutes by regular boat from Ayukawa Kanko Pier


I visited the Shrine of Mr. Kinmono, the God of Money, located on Reijima, the most famous island in Japan.
It is said that it is beneficial to visit the shrine three times.
Since lodging is available, we recommend that you make a reservation and take the opportunity to visit the shrine in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.


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