I like singing, but I’d rather not to sing songs in front of people because I always get stage fright.

Do you have same feeling?
“One-Kara” holds just only one person per room. so here is a best way to practice singing!

Today I went to the One-Kara Akihabara shop.

Some place open 24 HR. wow.
When you enter, the staff ask you how many hour you sing and need headphone.
Register for your member’s card ( bring your ID) at the front desk and decide how long you want to sing.


You can bring your own headphone so that you dont need to pay for that.

There is a drink bar. so you can drink as much as you like.

Ok, Let’s go to the room. very clean.

This is the key.

When you enter the room, you can find Karaoke machine and mic, mixer etc.


like this. this is a karaoke song tool. You can create your own CD too! wow!

DSC_0554 DSC_0555

In your own soundproof boxed room, you can sing to your hearts content.
There are many English songs as well.



There is a smoking space.


See more detail, please visit their page below:

Official site

One Kara
https://1kara.jp/en/  ( English Page)

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