【Sighseeing】How to get to Matsudo Shrine

About Matsudo Shrine

Matsudo Shrine is a seven-minute walk from Matsudo Station, and is the chief Shinto shrine of Matsudo, where Tokugawa Mitsukuni, also known as Mito Komon, was worshipped.

The shrine is a quiet and powerful sanctuary that you wouldn’t expect to find so close to the station.

Matsudo Shrine is famous for Shrine visit and festivals.They held many evens.
They were build in 1626 year.

You can go there from JR Matsudo station, it takes 5-6 min walking from the station.

In Matsudo shrine, there is a spot where you can take water called Dragon water.

Matsudo shrine is small, but in the precincts there are a lot of small shrine.
Divine favors are certain victory, cottage safety, traffic safety, and so on.

There was a cute turtle statue.

Naoko Yamazaki who is astronaut pray this shrine. She is from Matsudo.
On the side of the Matsudo shrine is flowing river, the temple has been very good condition.


Matsudo shrine
Address:1467Matsudo Matsudo city Chiba


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