【Taipei】Kyushu pancakes

Where are they Located?

Japanese famous restaurant called “Kyushu pancakes” is open in Taipei.

This is  first restaurant  overseas shop.


Although I walked from Songshan Airport Station , it took less than 20 minutes .
The best way to go there is going by bus . Anyway I returned home by bus .

Their location is out of the way, but There were people who waits for thier seats.
very popular !

They are not so big restaurant , but it is very bright and stylish .
You order pancakes then get discount drink!Pancakes was very fluffy and delicious.

This is s waffle ♪

In the future, They will expand business in Taiwan , East Asia etc.
I hope They open stores near the station .



No. 413, Fujin Street, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105


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