Karaoke Manekineko/A shop where you can sing karaoke by yourself

What is Karaoke Manekineko?

Karaoke Manekineko is a very reasonably priced karaoke chain store with locations nationwide.
Since the price is very low, many students come back from school and use it.
The menu is also available in English and Chinese, making it an easy place for foreigners to use.

You may bring your own food and drink.

The amounts listed in the fee schedule are written in 30-minute increments per person, room charge only.

However, the minimum starting time is one hour, after which the room rate can be extended in 30-minute increments.

Therefore, the rates listed in the fee schedule are basically

room charge only, and charges for drinks and meals are extra.

In some cases, a drink bar is included in the fee.

The basic rates are listed for two or more people, so please check with the store if you are using the room alone, as the rates may differ if you are alone.

Many karaoke Maneki Neko stores use a one-order system.

One-order system means that you must order either a drink or a meal in addition to the room charge.

Therefore, the fee is the room charge plus the drink or meal ordered.

Since this is a minimum of one item, you may order more than one item.

Some restaurants offer free time.

During the free time, the room charge is fixed regardless of the time you use the room.

ZERO Karaoke

ZERO Kara is a service that offers free room charge for high school students.

However, there are some conditions: everyone must be a high school student, and at least two people must use the room, and one order is required.

The room charge is waived, but you will need to pay for either a drink or a meal.

Basically, there seems to be no restrictions on days of the week or hours of operation, but there may be times when the room is not available depending on local prefectural ordinances.

There also seem to be restrictions during busy periods and times.

ZERO Kara+

ZERO Kara+ is a service that offers half-price room rates to college students and professional students.

Groups with ZERO Kara+ members are eligible for this service.

The conditions of use are as follows.

Available for a minimum of two people.

Available from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday.
Not available on eve of national holidays.

In stores with a fixed closing time, you can use the service until the store closes.

To become a ZERO KARA+ member, you must be a Maneki Neko member in advance.

The registration is open to those who have graduated from high school and are between the ages of 18 and 22.

The registration period is subject to local ordinances and voluntary rules.
Please check with each store for details.

For details, please check with each store.

One Kara

One Karaoke, also known as Hitokara, is Karaoke by oneself.

At Karaoke Maneki Neko, the basic policy is for two or more people to use the room, but some stores offer individual rates for those who wish to use the room alone.

Please inquire at the store if you wish to use karaoke by yourself.

Asa uta

“Asa-uta” is a service that offers a room charge of 10 yen per 30 minutes from the morning opening time until 12:00 pm (until 1:00 pm in some stores).

For stores open 24 hours, please check the starting time as it differs from store to store.

Morning Uta” is not available at stores that open after 11:00 a.m.

The conditions for using “Asa Uta” are as follows

One order is required.

You must enter by 10:59 p.m. from the time of opening.

Cannot be used in conjunction with various discount coupons.

Food menu

Curry Rice

The curry and rice was a good quantity and usually tasty.

Yakisoba (type of fried soba)

The quantity is very small. It is better to buy them at a convenience store and bring them in.

Fried rice

It is expensive and bad. It is better to buy it at a convenience store and bring it in.

The problem is that the walls are very thin and very leaky!

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