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About UshikuDaibutsu

Formally known as the Ugyu Amida Buddha, the Ugyu Great Buddha is a large Buddha located in Ugyu City, Ibaraki Prefecture, built in 1989 and owned by Higashi Honganji Temple. Standing 120 meters tall from head to toe and weighing 4,000 tons, the Buddha is the tallest structure in Ibaraki Prefecture and the second largest and tallest Buddha statue in the world.

Ushiku Daibutsu is the largest standing Buddha in the world and is also recognized as the largest bronze Buddha in the Guinness Book of World Records. Standing quietly on a lotus flower in full bloom, the Buddha’s majestic posture full of vigor can be seen from a great distance. The Buddha’s body is divided into five floors from the bottom to the top: the World of Light, the World of Knowledge and Reward, the World of the Lotus and the Room of the Spiritual Vultures (4.5 floors), each of which is decorated with different treasures. Visitors can climb the stairs from the first floor or take the elevator to the chest of the Buddha, which is 85 meters above ground.

In addition to the treasures hidden inside the Buddha’s body, the surrounding area is also very beautiful, and various festivals are often held. Among them is the wide flower garden located at the foot of the Buddha, where many flowers are planted and bloom throughout the year, making the whole Buddha even more beautifully decorated.

How to get there

(1)3 minutes drive from Ami-Higashi IC of Ken-O Expressway
(2)25 minutes by bus from Ushiku Station on the JR Joban Line


Before visiting Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, I visited the Ushiku Daibutsu statue. You can see its size from afar, but when you go to the foot of the Great Buddha and look up at it, you will be overwhelmed by its size. It is 120 meters high, so taking a picture with a smartphone does not capture the whole image. I asked to maintain my health by fully exposing myself to the incense smoke from the large incense burner in front of the statue of the Great Buddha. On the way back, I received a red seal, which I requested when entering the temple, and had zaru soba for lunch at a soba restaurant near the entrance.


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