How to get to Tokyo Racecourse

About Tokyo Racecourse

Tokyo Racecourse is a racecourse located in Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan, commonly known as Fuchu Racecourse. It is one of the central racecourses under the Central Japan Racing Association. On days when there are no races, the horse racing museum is open to the public. The racecourse has 13,750 seats and can accommodate 223,000 spectators.

The Tokyo Racecourse opened to the public in 1993 and has undergone several renovations as demand has grown. In 1968, the grandstand was renovated; in June 2002, the racecourse underwent a large-scale renovation; in April 2005, the second phase of the grandstand was completed; in October 2006, the world’s largest TV screen was built, with a total area of 667.09 square meters; in March 2007, the third phase of the grandstand was completed, and the new grandstand was named the Fuji Vision Grandstand.

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The Tokyo Racecourse grass track is 2,083 meters in length (Runway A), 2,101 meters (Runway B, with a 3-meter fence shift), 2,119 meters (Runway C, with a 6-meter fence shift), 2,137 meters (Runway D, with a 9-meter fence shift), and 2,156 (Runway E, with a 12-meter fence shift). The dirt track is 1899 meters long. The obstacle course is 1,674 meters long. Since the second reconstruction in 2003, 3400m of grass and 1300m and 2400m of dirt have been added; however, 2200m and 3200m of grass and 1700m and 2300m of dirt have been removed. If the weather is good, spectators can enjoy the view of Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, from the grandstand. Entrance fee is 200 yen, and under 15 years old can enter free of charge.

How to get there

Here are the nearest train stations within walking distance to Tokyo Racecourse

Keio Keiba Line “Fuchu Keiba Shomon-mae Station” Exit – 3 minutes walk from the Main Gate.
Fuchu Honmachi Station (JR Nambu Line, Musashino Line) 5 min. walk from Tokyo Racecourse Exit to West Gate.
Keio Keiba Line “Higashi-fuchu Station” South Exit – 9 minutes walk from East Gate
Seibu Tamagawa Line “Koremasa Station” Exit – 10 minute walk from South Gate
10 minutes on foot from the South Exit of Fuchu Station on the Keio Line to the Main Gate.

As shown above, there are several stations closest to Tokyo Racecourse.
Be aware that the stations may be far apart on each line!


Just outside the ticket gate on the left is a golden horse statue!
This is based on the motif of a breed of horse called “Akhal-Teke.
The Ahalteke is a horse native to Turkmenistan, and is sometimes called “the most beautiful horse in the world” because of its beautiful body.
It is sometimes called “the most beautiful horse in the world” because of its beautiful body.


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