How to get to The Miyagi Museum of Art

About The Miyagi Museum of Art

The Miyagi Prefectural Art Museum is located in Sendai, the capital of the prefecture, and is the largest art museum in Sendai. The museum is a paradise to enjoy art, mainly collecting Japanese style paintings, woodblock prints, various sculptures and handicrafts, as well as works by some famous Western painters. The works of famous Japanese artists in the museum are basically inherited from the Meiji era, and most of these works are associated with Miyagi Prefecture and the northeastern region of Japan, and are very important for studying the development of art such as painting and handicrafts in the region.

In addition to Japanese masterpieces, the Miyagi Prefectural Museum of Art also houses foreign works by Kandinsky, Klee, and Schiele, and visitors can view the world’s most famous paintings through the video equipment in the dedicated high-definition projection art exhibition room. In addition, the open studios in the museum often attract a large number of visitors, as they allow visitors to use their imagination and enjoy creating their own works.

How to get there

Access by local bus.
Take the bus from the Hirose-dori bus stop and get off in front of Niko and the museum. From there it is a one-minute walk to the museum.

34-1 Kawauchi Motoshikura, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-0861


It was my first visit in almost 40 years.
The only thing I remember is that there was a Giacometti exhibition the last time I was here.
I checked the past exhibitions section of the museum’s website to see when that was, and found that it was in autumn 1983.

The museum opened in 1981, so it was still new.
But I have very little memory of the exhibitions or the building.
What I do remember is that I thought the front garden with its brick-coloured tiles was vast and the facade of the museum, or rather its appearance, was wonderfully beautiful.

This time, the Pompeii exhibition was on, but my main purpose was not to see it, but to see if that museum area of 40 years ago is still beautifully KEEPED.


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