How to get to Tenryukyo

About Tenryukyo

Tenryukyo is located at the southern end of the Ina Basin in Nagano Prefecture, and is a gorge formed by the long years of erosion of rocks on both sides of the Tenryu River. The gorge is a beautiful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the nature with its four different seasons: spring with azaleas and wild cherry blossoms, summer with lilies, autumn with red leaves and winter with white snow.

It is one of the key tourist attractions in Nagano County, which receives a large number of friends from the city for leisure and vacation every year. Visitors on a sightseeing boat slowly descend the Tenryu River, crossing dangerous beaches such as the Wasuryu Gorge, sometimes getting wet from the rapids, and sometimes seeing the amazing rocks such as the Ugama Rock and Ryukaku Peak, and wondering at the miraculous power of nature and complaining that it has carved this place so beautifully with such eccentricity. During the nearly one-hour boat ride, the boatman also catches river fish on the spot, which is prepared on the boat for visitors to taste, and visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy a fresh and delicious meal while enjoying the stunning scenery in the gorge.

Near the Tenryukyo is also the Tianlong Gorge Hot Spring, which is a natural radon hot spring with remarkable effects on more than 10 chronic diseases such as various arthritis, skin diseases, gout, hypertension, thrombotic veins, bronchitis and neurosis. If there is enough time, tourists can go to the hot spring area here to take a bubble.

How to get there

Open: Hours of operation: November – February 7:30 – 16:30 March – October 6:30 – 18:00
Location: Tenryukyo Bridge, Chiei, Iida City, Nagano Prefecture, 399-2223, Japan
Access: Short walk from Tenryukyo PA


Walkway 80 meters above ground under the girder of Tenryu Gorge Bridge


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