How to get to Sukayu Hot Spring

About Sukayu Hot Spring

Located on the west side of the main peak of the Hakkōda Mountains in Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture, in northeastern Japan, Sour Soup Hot Spring is called Sour Soup Hot Spring because of the strong acidity of the water and the lemon-like taste in the mouth.

It is known as a weak salt spring with abundant spring water and diverse functions, and is effective for treating skin diseases, neuralgia, gynecological diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, rheumatism, etc. Although it is located deep in the mountains, it has been used as a hot spring resort for more than 300 years. In addition, the Yakata mountain range, where the hot springs are located, is a great place for sightseeing, as it is full of beech trees and pine trees that grow neatly throughout the seasons, and is ideal for skiing in winter, when visitors can experience the best of mountain skiing by walking through the natural tree clusters.

How to get there

85 minutes by bus from Aomori Station (From JR Aomori Station, take the JR bus bound for Towadako and get off at “Sangayu Onsen”.)


Aomori City is a famous hot spring located in the Hakkouda Mountains. In winter, it is often reported on the national news that X meters of snow has accumulated. Aomori Prefecture is famous for its hiba (I bought a hiba cutting board in Aomori). The hiba baths, which are made entirely of hiba, are especially breathtaking (they are huge, anyway). Although the baths are mixed, there are women-only hours and the men’s and women’s spaces are partitioned to some extent, so you can purchase a bathing suit and wear it while bathing. There were also separate indoor baths for men and women.

The water temperature was high (depending on the bathtub), so children of elementary school age could not stay in the bathtub for long. We stayed in the Ryokan section (no bath or toilet). I heard that there are rooms with toilets, but they are very popular and we could not get one because they were all booked up. I would like to stay there next time I come back. Although the hotel is located in the Hakkouda Mountains, it is still in Aomori City.

Dinner was served in the room and was full of Aomori seafood. There was also senbei soup. Both in quality and quantity, my child was satisfied with the dinner. The rooms are old, but I think that is the value of this ryokan. The employees were friendly and helpful. Breakfast was buffet style.


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