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About Sarusawa Pond

Nara Sarusawa Pond is bustling with tourists, but after strolling around the main attractions, you can finally take a break from the tourists at this pond. It was a peaceful place with benches for sitting and resting. The turtles were basking on the rocks underwater and there were some beautiful cherry blossoms.


Free of charge

How to get there

Approximately 15 minutes on foot from JR Nara Station and 5 minutes on foot from Kintetsu Nara Station


I was able to catch the sunset, and the pool surface was like a mirror, and the sunset was like a flower, so Sarusawa Pond was as beautiful as can be. There are many benches by the pond, so I wanted to watch the fireworks from this spot, but at first there were no people around, and I was hesitant about the right place, but I heard a conversation between a mother and son passing by here, and the child asked if they could see it from here. The mother said she could see the fireworks, and then we were relieved that we didn’t want to see the burning mountain anyway. As the time got closer, there were more people around, but it was less crowded than the fireworks we saw in Tokyo or Lake Ashinoko in summer.

The fireworks by the Sarusawa pond were not too high, not too short, and the pond was not too big, not too small, which reflected beautifully in the water of the pond. The surprise and excitement of the children in my ears and the pace of the fireworks were in unison, one after the other, making this scene feel extraordinarily happy. As well as this is my first time sitting on a chair to watch the fireworks conference (before either steps or flower beds or on the ground) I will say it.

Sitting next to us in the middle of the man reminded in front of the temporary stop to take pictures of people who refused to go when mentioned an hour before he was here squatting, seems to be a real love of fireworks ah. After the fireworks were over, he got up and said to us “ちゅうごく(China) happy new year”. That’s right, he said such a Japanese and English words with Chinese elements, we were flabbergasted, and realized that this day is the Chinese New Year Lunar New Year’s Day ah. People who do not know each other, together with a fireworks seem to have really familiar with the general. It was a different New Year’s Day in a foreign country, and it was wonderful to see the fireworks and receive the blessings from the locals.


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