How to get to Ryukyu Butterfly Garden

About Ryukyu Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden in Ryukyu City is not very large, and there are only a lot of large white spotted butterflies (Idea leoconoe) in the butterfly house. This is the butterfly that you see the most when you travel in Okinawa. The large white spotted butterfly flies slowly and is easy to photograph. Another characteristic of the large white spotted butterfly is its golden chrysalis, which is large and beautiful.

How to get there

390-1 Aza-yamagawa River, Headquarters Town, Okinawa Prefecture

Driving directions: From Naha Airport to Ryukyu Castle Butterfly Park, drive along the Okinawa Expressway for about 2 hours, 95 km. From Hsueda IC to National Highway 58 keep going north – National Highway 449 well – Prefectural Highway 114, look for the sign of Ocean Expo Memorial Park and drive. You will see the butterfly park building after seeing the south gate entrance signboard of Ocean Expo Memorial Park. If you drive on the general road, it takes about 3 hours to go north on National Highway 58 in the direction of Nago.

Traveler’s route: You can book a day trip route that includes the Butterfly Garden, or leave about 1 hour for sightseeing when chartering a bus to the Miramar Aquarium and walk from the Miramar Aquarium.


There is this spot inside the day tour of the daily newspaper, next to the Mirai Aquarium, which is within walking distance. There are a lot of butterflies in the park, and I enjoyed a meal of Okinawan soba (Okinawan noodles) here, one Okinawan noodle is about 600-700 yen, not expensive, and then I bought some pirate king peripherals.

Follow the day tour group, did not buy another ticket to enter. The specific butterfly garden how to look at the photos, belong to a spot without merit, time is tight can not go; parent-child tour of the poor traveler appropriate to consider here, after all, can see Japan’s most representative butterfly.

There are two small highlights in the garden: 1. in the butterfly garden to pick up those fake flowers, red hats and other props, butterflies will automatically fly to the top, it is essential to take pictures. 2. there is a parrot in the botanical garden, you talk to it “o hayou” (ohayou, good morning) it will be in the cage to do a cartwheel to you! Hahaha can only help you here.


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