How to get to Lake Chūzenji

About Lake Chūzenji

Lake Chuzenji is a lake located in Nikko National Park in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, formed about 20,000 years ago by the rise of Mount Nantai, 1,250 meters above sea level. The lake has a circumference of 25 kilometers, a surface area of 11.62 square kilometers, and a maximum depth of 163 meters. The main source of the lake is the Yu River, and externally it flows to the Otani River (a tributary of the Kinugawa River) through the Huayan Falls.

Lake Chuzenji is the largest lake in Nikko National Park and the most representative alpine lake in Japan. It is said that the lake was first discovered by the founder of Nikko, Lord Katsudo, in 782 when he successfully climbed to the top of Mt. The clear surface of the lake reflects the majesty of Mt.

Lake Chuzenji is not only a tourist attraction, but also a good place for fishing, and it is said that Japanese fly fishing originated here. The lake is also a great place to enjoy sports and leisure life, with several scenic spots such as the famous Hanae Falls.

How to get there

Bus: 40 min. from Nikko Station by Tobu Bus.
Car: 20 min. from Kiyotaki IC by R120 Iroha-zaka.


Lake Chuzenji is located at the entrance to Oku-Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture and is the highest natural lake in Japan. The lake’s circumference is approximately 25 kilometers. To access the lakeshore, visitors climb “Iroha-zaka,” a sightseeing road synonymous with Nikko.

The contrast between the lake and the reddish-yellow leaves is a popular photo spot, especially in autumn when the entire mountain is colored red and yellow. The lake is also home to Japan’s only lake trout, a type of char, and many people enjoy fishing along its shores.


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