How to get to Kamakura High School station

About Kamakura High School station

Kamakura High School, as it is called, was selected as one of the most beautiful stations in Japan, so this school not far from the station naturally has the title of the most beautiful high school in Japan. The ramp from the school to the station is also the scene of Shogun Akagi’s “We’ll be there in the future” after the game. The school was once open to tourists, but it is now closed for the protection of students. However, travelers may still have access to the campus during the summer vacation. Please note that Japanese schools take the protection of students very seriously, so please do not take any photos while you are in the school.

How to get there

Take Enoden to Kamakura High School Mae Station, walk to the intersection, turn left, and walk down the ramp for about 5 minutes to reach the school gate, which is on the right side of the road.

2-21-1 Shichirigahama, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa


Wedding photos are taken here, in the evening, is cold shivering, heard a car stop at the bottom of the slope, a group of girls rolled open the window, very excited to shout at us Oh McDaido, is also very warm.

The Shonan coast, which is a must for fans of dunking, is a place to stand and look at Enoshima from the position of Sakuragi and Ryuukawa, instantly returning to the summer of 1992!

Buy a weekender ticket at the station and hit the Netflix landmark locations with no pressure.

Not allowed to enter! Sad ~ I heard that this place is actually the prototype of Lennan High School. I envy the students here, there is such a great view to enjoy after school

In fact, Kamakura High School, the school is not accessible, most people are rushing to the “Dunk Master” in the railroad crossing to go, where a lot of people always gather waiting to shoot over the train (Enoden Railway), I guess the post-80s group mainly.
The station here is called Kamakura High School Mae Station. Below is the beach, along the road by the railway, you can walk all the way to Enoshima.

There are a lot of people on the train below, but there are not many who come up to see the school.

Slam dank hit the place, it is recommended to ride a bike around the island, walk around, and go to see the sunset in the evening, extraordinarily beautiful.

Are domestic tourists waiting for the river circuit over, some tourists will also cosplay, in contrast to the locals are more numb to walk to the beach paddling waves.

The number of people taking pictures is super, but the beach is very beautiful

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