How to get to Geibi Gorge

About Geibi Gorge

Geibi Gorge is a 2-kilometer-long valley formed by the Satetsu River, a tributary of the Kitakami River, which pounds the 100-meter-high cliffs on both sides of the river. The limestone in the valley has been eroded by the Satetsu River, creating a variety of strange rocks and stones, and together with the waterfalls and wonderful caves on both sides of the valley, they form one of the most beautiful natural scenic spots in Iwate Prefecture in northeastern Japan.

Geibi Gorge is a great place for visitors to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the natural beauty of the area with its mountains, water, flowers and grass, fresh air and pleasant climate. In spring, when the temperature slowly rises, wisteria flowers begin to bloom, and they hang in bunches on the strange rocks, as if they were carved by hand. In winter, the valley is covered with snow and is a famous snow viewing area.

Geibik River is a beautiful scenery and there is something to do and see in all seasons, so no matter when you want to come, there is always something to enjoy.

How to get there

[Ichinoseki Station – Geibi Gorge Bus Route: 35 min.
Take the Geibi  Line of the Ichinoseki/Hiraizumi District bus service of Iwate-ken Kotsu Co. The Geibibus stop for Hiraizumi Station is located by the rest house.
[Train] Ichinoseki Station – Geibi  Station: 30 min.
5 min. walk from Geibikei Station on the JR East Ofunato Line.

~~Travel time from ~ to Ichinoseki IC

[Tohoku Expressway]Urawa IC⇔Ichinoseki IC
Ichinoseki IC approx. 5H (444.5km)
⇔ Geibi Gorge 35 min.
[Tohoku Expressway] Sendai Miyagi IC⇔Ichinoseki IC
Ichinoseki IC approx. 1H10min (99.4km)
⇔ GeibikGorge 35 min.
[Tohoku Expressway] Morioka IC⇔Ichinoseki IC
Ichinoseki IC approx. 50 min.
⇔ Geibi Gorge 35 min.
[Tohoku Expressway] Ichinoseki IC⇔Ichinoseki IC
Ichinoseki IC approx. 9 min.
⇔ Geibi 35 min.
[Tohoku Expressway] Akita Chuo IC⇔Ichinoseki IC
Ichinoseki IC Approx. 1.7h (143.7km)
⇔ Geibik Gorge 35 min.

~~Travel time from ~ to Ichinoseki Station

[Shinkansen] Tokyo⇔Ichinoseki 2H10min.
[Shinkansen] Sendai⇔Ichinoseki 32min.
[Shinkansen] Morioka⇔Ichinoseki 43 min.
[Shinkansen] Shin-Hanamaki⇔Ichinoseki 30 min.
[Shinkansen] Shin-Aomori⇔Ichinoseki 1H42min.


I was about to give up on the idea that if I did not make the 15:00 boarding, I would be late for my dinner reservation at 16:00 and would not be able to go sightseeing on the boat back to Ichinoseki, but fortunately, 15 minutes later, the boat for those who could not make it at 15:00 left and I was able to board that boat. The boat ride was up the river at the beginning. It is rowed by hand with only one pole.

We were surprised to hear that Geibi Gorge is the only place in Japan where you can do this. The surface of the river was calm and the water was clear, and we could clearly see fish swimming in the water, and the strange rocks on both sides of the river were beautiful and the autumn leaves were beautiful. I took a break for about 10 minutes at Miyoshigaoka of the turnaround, and now it is a real boat ride.

The boatman’s singing voice echoed in the valley, and it was a moving 90 minutes. The JR Geibikei Station train to Ichinoseki was by train, so I recommend sightseeing by car because the number of trains in the Ichinoseki direction is very few.


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