【Sightseeing】Koenji Awaodori

Koenji Awaodori (高円寺阿波踊り) is one of the three biggest summer celebrations in Tokyo.

It holds at Toenji Station. Awaodori is really conventional move of Tokushima, however Koenji Shopping Street began as advancement in 1957.

Presently it is one of the three noteworthy summer celebration in Tokyo. As Awaodori Festival, the greatest celebration in eastern territory.


There were around 12,000 Awaodori artists joined and around 120,000 individuals joined this celebration. It is the greatest summer celebration in Tokyo.

“Yatto Sa!” is their call.

All move groups have their own one of a kind yet at the same time customary outfit. Their move are all firsts with unique music.

Whole town between JR Koenji Station and Shin-Koenji Station turn into the move stage.


History of Awaodori

Awa Odori is prevalently accepted to have started in 1587. Master Hachisuka Iemasa, the daimyo of Awa Province facilitated a smashed festival of the opening of Tokushima Castle. Local people, having devoured an incredible measure of purpose, started to unsteadily weave and falter forward and backward.

Others grabbed usually accessible musical instruments and started to play a straightforward, cadenced tune, to which the revelers created verses, on the other hand commending Lord Hachisuka and urging others to join the move.

While Awa Odori happens in the meantime as the Bon Festival, the Awa Odori is for the most part not thought to be a Bon Odori. 



“Odoru ahouni Miru ahou. Onaji ahou nara Odorana child, child.”

Insane Dancers with different crazies watching them. Subsequent to both a like are distraught, you should move, should move.


use JR Chuo Line to Koenji Station (12 min.)


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