How to get to Kibitsu Jinja

About Kibitsu Jinja

Kibitsu Shrine is a shrine located in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. It is a shrine with a long history, having been built in 1425 during the reign of Emperor Hitoku. The main hall was built in 1425 in the special Kibitsu architectural style, with two roofs called “Hibiki-irigami-ya” structures placed side by side to form one large roof, and has been recognized as a national treasure by the Japanese government.

The main deity enshrined in the shrine is Ojibetsuhiko, who is said to have been the general who pacified the area where the shrine is located and is believed to have laid the foundation for today’s Jibi culture. Kibitsu Shrine has passed down a special Shinto ritual, the Narukama Shinto, in which the sound of the kettle is used to divine whether or not a prayer will come true. In addition, the legend of the shrine is said to be based on the story of “Momotaro” (Momotaro was born from a peach and grew up to defeat evil spirits), which is well known in Japan.

How to get there

5 min. walk from “Kibi Tsu” of JR Kibi Line


I did not know there was such a relaxing place in Okayama, and I recommend it. The atmosphere was very nice, and I am planning to go alone next time to relax.


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