How to get to Gujō Hachiman Castle

About Gujō Hachiman Castle

Hachiman Castle was first built in 1559 by Morikazu Endo, who was the founder of Gifu Prefecture in central Japan. It is located on Hachiman Mountain at an altitude of 354 meters, and is a mountain castle that has had five families and 19 generations of castle owners throughout its history.

In 1871, when Japan started a movement to abolish the clan and create a prefecture, the castle was destroyed, and the present castle was rebuilt in 1933 using wood, except for the stone walls. It is said that the castle was built with the national treasures Ogaki Castle and Hikone Castle as reference, and the castle has been designated as an important cultural asset of Hachiman Town, with its four-story, five-step castle with a view of the entire town from the top. The castle is the oldest surviving wooden reconstruction castle in Japan. Inside the castle, valuable items such as foggy armor and horse harnesses are preserved and displayed, and the remains of the castle’s central part, Honmaru, contain bronze statues of the Warring States daimyo Yamauchi Ichiho and his wife Chiyo, which are exquisitely carved and lifelike.

Kaminami Hachiman Castle is an important cultural asset of Kaminami City and one of the city’s major tourist attractions. Various kinds of flowers and trees are widely planted in the castle, including many valuable species, and it is very beautiful in spring and summer when it is full of green trees and flowers.

How to get there

(1)10 minutes drive from Gujo-Hachiman Station
(2)10 minutes by car from the Gujo-Hachiman IC on the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway (in the direction of downtown Gujo-Hachiman)


The autumn leaves were beautiful at their best.
The budding autumn leaves surrounding the castle tower were just like a castle tower on fire.
The castle town could be seen clearly from the castle tower.


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