【Taipei】Yingzhuan road night market

Today I went to the  Yingzhuan road night market in Danshui.

Before going there, I had light supper at Danshui old street.
I like here. The dried noodles and Oden are very delicious.

The dried noodles here has garlic, and the noodles is flat type. It is chewy and yummy.


They are located at Danshui old street(main road).


Oden is also good to eat.

I will introduce Yingzhuan road night market. They are located over the main street. Yingzhuan road night market is a really local night market.
In compair with Danshui old street, There are many tourist at Danshui old street, but Yingzhuan road night market is really local.

So Let’s see the Yingzhuan road night market.


They are really just street like this. watch out the motorcycle is passing around.


Stalls are lined aside. There is a danjiang university nere here, so many stalls are for students.





I could find Daiso where you can buy Japanese cute stuff at just 39 NT$.


These dounats are very cute!



hanging around dansui old street, then take a feed at 英專路夜市. this is the taiwan life style.

 Yingzhuan road night market:Yingzhuan Rd, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, 251

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