Keio Liner fares and how to buy seat reservation tickets!

In this issue, we will introduce the Keio Liner, an express train on the Keio Line connecting Shinjuku to Keio-Hachioji, Takaoyamaguchi, and Hashimoto!

I want to know about the fare and how to take the train cheaply.
How do I buy seat reservation tickets?
How can I buy reserved-seat tickets?

I will write this article for those who have such questions!

If you want Tokyo Subway Ticket – Unlimited Rides 1/2/3 Days, first make a ticket reservation!
If you have a discount coupon, you can make a reservation and purchase tickets online at a discount price.

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Keio Liner Fare

For the Keio Liner, a seat reservation ticket for the Keio Liner is required in addition to the boarding ticket.
Based on this, the fares are as follows.

Shinjuku ↔︎Fuchu: 280 yen + 410 yen for a seat reservation ticket
Shinjuku ↔︎Seiseki Sakuragaoka: 320 yen + 410 yen for a reserved-seat ticket
Shinjuku ↔︎Keio-Hachioji: 360 yen + seat reservation ticket 410 yen
Shinjuku ↔︎Hashimoto: 420 yen + 410 yen for a seat reservation ticket

Stops on the Keio Liner

Keio Liner stops at “Shinjuku – Keio Hachioji” and “Shinjuku – Hashimoto” stations!

Shinjuku – Keio Hachioji
Shinjuku – Meidaimae, Fuchu, Bunpegahara, Seiseki Sakuragaoka, Takahatafudo, Kitano, Keio-Hachioji

Shinjuku – Hashimoto
Shinjuku, Meidaimae, Keio Nagayama, Keio Tama Center, Minami-Osawa, Hashimoto

Morning Keio Liner trains bound for Shinjuku are for boarding only, except for Shinjuku and Meidaimae stations!
In other words, you cannot get off the train on the way.

For example, this means you cannot get on from Keio-Hachioji and get off at Fuchu!

Conversely, from Shinjuku to Hashimoto and Keio-Hachioji, it is possible to get on and get off in the middle of the line.

Starting with the March 2022 timetable revision, the Keio Liner will also stop at Meidaimae!
The Keio Hachioji and Hashimoto direction is for boarding only, while the Shinjuku direction is for alighting only.

This makes it more convenient to transfer to the Inokashira Line going to Shibuya or Kichijoji!

How to purchase seat reservation tickets for the Keio Liner

There are two ways to purchase seat reservation tickets: purchase at an automatic ticket vending machine and purchase on the web.
I will explain each of them below.

Purchase from an automatic ticket vending machine

Seat reservation tickets can be purchased from the ticket machines at stations where the Keio Liner stops!

Downbound Keio Liner tickets (for Hashimoto and Keio-Hachioji) can be purchased at Shinjuku and Meidaimae stations, while upbound Keio Liner tickets (for Shinjuku) can be purchased at the following stations ↓.

Stations where seat reservation tickets for the Keio Liner upstream can be purchased
Keio-Hachioji, Kitano, Takahatafudo, Seiseki Sakuragaoka, Bunpegahara, Fuchu, Hashimoto, Minami-Osawa, Keio Tama Center, Keio Nagayama, Mejirodai, Takao, Takao Yamaguchi

The Keio Liner downbound from Fuchu stops at the same stations as the “limited express” trains, so you can ride without a seat reservation ticket if you ride from Fuchu or later!

If I have to pay extra for a ride from Fuchu, I might as well take the limited express!

Tickets are only sold at the ticket vending machines on the day of purchase, and seat assignments and changes cannot be made after purchase.
Payment can be made by cash or IC card, and the IC card will be debited from the balance. New

At some stations, there are also ticket vending machines inside the ticket gates where you can purchase Keio Liner seat reservation tickets.
This is a great relief even if you want to board the train at the last minute.

Purchase on the Web

You can also purchase seat reservation tickets on the web using a service called “Keio Ticketless Service.

The procedure is as follows

1. Register as a member
2.Register your credit card
3.Select and purchase the train you want to take
4.Board the train without a ticket!

This is credit card payment only, but you can choose your favorite seat from the seating chart.

How to save money on the Keio Liner

As it turns out, there is.

You can save money by purchasing Keio Line “shareholder discount tickets” at a money store!
There is no way to get a discount on seat reservation tickets, but if you use shareholder discount tickets for your train tickets, the fare you pay will be lower as a result.

Especially around the west exit of Shinjuku Station, there are many golden ticket stores, so go there!

Mt. TAKAO runs only on weekends and holidays

On the Keio Line, the “Mt. Takao” train runs between Shinjuku and Takaoyamaguchi using Keio Liner cars.

It used to be an irregular train that operated during the fall foliage season and when there were events at Mt. Takao, but since the March 2022 timetable revision, it has become a regular train that runs on weekends and holidays!

Stops are as follows!

Downbound (to Takaoyamaguchi) “Mt.
Shinjuku, Meidaimae, Takaoyamaguchi (nonstop from Meidaimae to Takaoyamaguchi)

Mt. TAKAO” going up (to Shinjuku)
Takaoyamaguchi, Takao, Mejirodai, Kitano, Takahatafudo, Seiseki Sakuragaoka, Bunpegahara, Fuchu, Meidaimae, Shinjuku

You can purchase tickets at Keio Ticketless Service from 7:00 a.m. seven days before departure, so if you want to ride, make your reservations early.

Which is faster, the Chuo Line or the Chuo Line?

There is another train that runs between Shinjuku and Hachioji, the JR Chuo Line.

The Keio Liner takes about 40 minutes, while the Chuo Line’s Chuo Special Rapid takes about 55 minutes and the Commuter Rapid runs about 45 minutes, so the Keio Liner is faster, but the fare is cheaper on the Chuo Line.

There is also the “Limited Express Hachioji” running from Tokyo to Shinjuku to Hachioji, which takes about the same time as the Keio Liner, but costs more and has fewer trains.

If you want to be sure of a seat, choose either the Keio Liner or the Limited Express Hachioji!

Keio Liner is very reasonably priced

The Keio Liner is a very reasonable train.
And it’s so fast, it can get you to Hachioji in less than 40 minutes!

And remember, the window positions.

On the Keio Liner bound for Keio-Hachioji and Hashimoto, the window seats in the 4th, 7th, and 10th rows are difficult to see.

If you want to enjoy the train windows, move seats along the way!

The Keio Liner, which costs only 410 yen more than the originally reasonable fare, runs on both weekdays and holidays!

Please try it!

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