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  • Usaburo Kokeshi

    Usaburo Kokeshi (卯三郎こけし) is the Japanese customary doll “Kokeshi” shop and producer in Gunma Prefecture. The author Mr. Usaburo Okamoto has outlined and created Kokeshi. Not just creating customary style of Kokeshi, Mr. Usaburo has been testing new style of Kokeshi. Usaburo Kokeshies are the colossal agreement of customary and cutting edge style of Kokeshi which created by the best originators. Usaburo Kokeshi has around 300 sorts of Kokeshies. Kokeshies are incredible for keepsake, wedding, mother’s and Father’s day, birthday, youngsters’ day, and other festival. All of Usaburo Kokeshi are outline by wining honor originators beginning with the organizer Mr. Usaburo. From those new composed Kokeshi, Usaburo Kokeshi delivers new […]

  • Tamura Brewery

    Tamura Brewery (田村酒造所, tamurasyuzojo) is the one of the most established Sake Brewery in Tokyo which opened at 1822 by Mr. Kanjiro Tamura. The name of their image “Kasen” is named from their well water from Chichibu-Okutama water. The water is the best quality for making Sake. Regardless they utilize the same well which exhausted around 200 years prior. The most loved Sake in Tamura Brewery, is “Maboroshi no Sake.” It is Honjozo-sake(本醸造酒). The perfect of “Maboroshi no Sake” is the best quality with sensible cost. Look at the Best nature of Sake! Tamura Brewery has around 200 years of history of making Sake. A percentage of the building are […]

  • Doll Shop Tanabe

    Doll Shop Tanabe (人形の田辺, ningyonotanabe) is a stockroom of Kimekomi Dolls situated in Asakusabashi. Kimekomi Doll is a conventional Japanese create that is produced using wooden body and enhanced by Japanese fabrics. Doll Shop Tanabe has all apparatuses and supplies requirement for Kimekomi Dolls. It has a great many Kimono fabrics and several the doll bodies. They additionally have a glass cases, collapsing screen, Tatami sleeping pad for the dolls. “Joy of making dolls, delight of adorning dolls.” Kimekomi Dolls is one of customary Japanese create that has more than 260 years of age. The main dolls were made by Takahashi Tadashige for Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto. Tanabe “Enjoyment of […]

  • Toshin Winery

    Toshin Winery (東晨洋酒) is a winery situated in Yamanashi Prefecture. This wines are created by Rugger Man of Yamanashi. The greater part of his wines are exceptionally restricted. In this way, every wines that he puts a wide range of his heart power to his wines and every wines has his exceptional flavors. Amid the gathering season, you can appreciate grape picking too. You can likewise appreciate production line visit. It has a colossal wine that uses Sake Bottols. Toshinyousyu is a winery situated in Yamanashi city, Yamanashi prefecture. It is little winery has an awesome wines that produced using nearby grape of Yamanashi city. The onwer produce the every […]

  • Eishundo

    Eishundo (栄春堂) is a Shogi Piece, Japanese Style Chess, shop situated in Tendo Yamagata. It has a wide range of Shogi pieces from sensible class to the most astounding class. The majority of the Shogi Pieces in Eishundo are hand made by the conventional way. The work region is opened to see, along these lines the clients can see the bosses’ works. It has likewise Kokeshi Dolls and a wide range of Shogi related things. (Photo from official site) Eishundo makes your unique topping of Shogi Pieces with your name on it. The embellishment, as well as for a little key chains, or straps, as well. 4 positions of Shogi […]

  • Sample Kobo

    Test Kobo (さんぷる工房) is a production line which delivers fake sustenances. It is situated in Gujo, Gifu. Their studio is open with the goal that you can see making fake nourishment. At the store area, you can purchase fake nourishment for your endowments. Not, presents for your trinket, you can purchase genuine fake sustenance which you can show indicate window at your eateries. Tempura, Ramen, Sushi, Beer and other are look genuine. Additionally, Sample Kobo has an encountering making fake sustenance. (photo from official site) Gujo is the origin of Food Samples, a.k.a. Fake Food. The working of Sample Kobo is more than 150 years of age conventional Edo Style […]